About Me

My name is Tim Robertson, and I have been publishing online since 1995. I am the founder of MyMac.com, host of the TechFan Podcast, and owner of The Stoplight Network.

This site is my way to write about my favorite hobby; video games. I like the old and new stuff, and am pretty much platform agnostic. I don’t care if the game is on the Atari 2600, an Arcade machine, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Wii U. For me, it’s all about the enjoyment of the game. I enjoy reading about the console wars, but I don’t take sides, I just enjoy the fruits of those companies labors.

Right now, every post is written by me. This is my personal site, a place for me to share my enjoyment. I may eventually open it up to other writers, as I did with MyMac Magazine back in 1995, but for now, this is just me.

I grew up with video games. By that, I mean I was of the generation that saw the birth of the video game. When I entered kindergarden, there was no such thing as a home video game. By the time I hit third grade, there was. So I have watched this industry grow from nothing to what it is today, and I have enjoyed being along for the ride. I don’t create video games for a living, nor do I work in that industry in any capacity. I have been writing video game reviews for twenty years, but I don’t really consider myself a video game journalist. Enthusiast would be more appropriate.

I have no horse in this race, so “winners and losers” only matter to me in that I want to play good games. Nothing more, nothing less. And I like them old and new!

I welcome any feedback. Send email to me at tim@mymac.com and if you like, I will share your video game stories here on the site as well. Make ‘em good!


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